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Model: 030956

RIP-IT Bat Pack - Navy
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RIP-IT  Bat Pack -  NavyPrice: $83.15 EA
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030956 - RIP-IT Bat Pack - Navy

The RIP-IT Pack It Up Backpack is the perfect bag designed to carry all of your softball equipment. The large compartments hold all your gear from clothing to cleats. It even features side carriers to hold two separate softball bats so you donít have to leave anything at home. This bag features lots of compartments in varying sizes so you can keep your items organized. Know just where everything is when you need it. Keep your regular clothes separate from your sweaty clothes. And never again lose smaller items at the bottom of your bag. Softball can get hot and dirty and leaving those clothes wadded up in the bottom of your bag can make things stinky. Thatís why this Pack It Up bag features ventilated compartments. Increase airflow where you need it most to cut down on moisture and odors. Sports get rough and your equipment should be built to withstand that challenge. The ultra durable material of this bag is constructed to endure heavy use. From the locker room to the field, and on the bus, trust that your bag has got your back through it all.