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Model: 21457

Green Flying Turtle Riding Scooter
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Green Flying Turtle Riding ScooterPrice: $98.05 EA
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21457 - Green Flying Turtle Riding Scooter

The fastest Turtle this side of anywhere. Prop your feet on the handlebars and swing from side to side - and hang on for the ride! Flying Turtles are tough. They are fleet. High quality fun from shell to wheels. Every part of the Flying Turtle is well designed. The injection molded polyethylene seat is specially built for kids and adults up to 150 pounds. Polyurethane wheels zip right along! Flying Turtles are adaptable to many environments and breezily glide across hardwood and linoleum floors, and are just as happy outside on concrete and pavement. Flying Turtles are friend-makers. Flying Turtles are native to the USA, but they like to travel - preferably in herds. There's nothing quite like a blur of smiling Turtles. Modernized from the original engineer's 1970 design, Turtles encourage balance, coordination, muscle strength, and endurance - Molded polyethylene hand grips and black powder-coated handlebars - Comes completely assembled - No motor, no battery, just kid-powered fun! - One year manufacturer's warranty - Weight limit 150 pounds ? Shipping weight 12 lbs.- Made in the U.S.A. Color: GREEN.